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When you own a business, people depend on you. The unexpected death of a key employee or stakeholder could spell disaster for the business you’ve worked so hard to build and for those who depend on it. At StarFort, we believe you should Protect it.

Life Insurance can play a vital role in protecting one’s business from unexpected life events and, when used correctly, can provide living benefits to the business owner and employees.

Every business is unique and every business deserves a unique solution.


Why Businesses Need Life Insurance

The flexibility of Life Insurance allows it to be applied to a myriad of different scenarios. Below are some that your business may experience:

An employee critical to the operations is unable to work due to a covered event.

  • A well-structured key person life insurance solution can protect against the costs associated with loss of business and any expenses related to replacing that key individual

An owner of a business passes away.

  • A combined buy-sell agreement can ensure that the remaining partners can buy out the deceased partner’s share at a previously agreed upon price, paid using the benefit of the Life Insurance.

Business related debt and expenses would burden your family if you passed away. 

  • Remaining business-related debt or expenses can be liquidated using the death benefit of a well-structured life insurance policy.

Although these are just a few scenarios, each could cause punishing setbacks for a company that isn’t properly protected.

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Risk Class Transfer

Without managing clients through underwriting, insurance carriers can underwrite individuals in lower and more expensive rate classes. These slight differences in underwriting status can end up costing the policy owner thousands of dollars over the life of their policy.

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