The Problem

Your IRA is not worth as much as you think it is. Taxes when drawing retirement income from an IRA can decrease the real value of your account by up to 35%.

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Client type: Personal

Project type: IRA Conversion


The Solution

Transfer your IRA assets to a cash accumulation life insurance policy with the potential for yields of 4.5+% over a period of 3-5 years. This will decrease your realized taxation by 75%-100% and guarantee tax-free retirement income. The taxes are paid by the policy using policy loans, thus significantly reducing the out of pocket expense.

The Case

The client had $250,000 in an IRA and had recently retired. The client was approaching the mandatory deadline of 70 years old to begin taking required minimum distributions (RMD) from her IRA. She inquired with StarFort Financial about potential tax efficiencies regarding her upcoming required distributions. We proposed and executed the above solution for the client, and now actively manage it.

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Tax-free Distributions

The client will now be able to take retirement income distributions from the life insurance policy tax free through policy withdrawals and policy loans.

$75,000 SAVED


Cost Savings

This process mitigated $75,000 of real out of pocket tax cost for the client

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