The Problem

Without managing clients through underwriting, insurance carriers can underwrite individuals in lower and more expensive rate classes. These slight differences in underwriting status can end up costing the policy owner thousands of dollars over the life of their policy.

Client Type: Personal

Project type: Risk Class Upgrade

The Solution

When applying for life insurance, we take a multi-carrier approach to improve the underwriting outcomes of our clients. By applying to multiple carriers at a time you can see the full spectrum of risk classes that you qualify for. This creates leverage for us to negotiate for an improved risk class with the desired life insurance carrier and ultimately decrease out of pocket cost.

The Case

The client previously had a life insurance policy with a total death benefit of $10,000,000 in the second best risk class. StarFort was solicited to analyze and restructure the client’s existing insurance portfolio to align it with the client’s current needs and goals.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 1.42.50 PM


Best Risk Class

StarFort was able to upgrade the client from preferred to preferred best risk class, the #1 risk class there is.



Multiple Carrier Offer

By applying to multiple carriers StarFort was able to secure a best class offer for the client. We then used that offer to negotiate the offer with the original carrier and secure a new policy at best class for the client.

$75,000 SAVED (4)


Cost Savings

Out-of-pocket annual savings of $3,520. Over the life of the policy this is a cumulative $70,400.

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