Why Families Need Help?

Change can affect many aspects of our lives, especially finances. Your financial strategy can change with every life event such as:

  • Marriage
  • Career changes
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Sudden financial events

We believe it is fundamental that what’s most important to you is protected during these times of change and that your financial strategy adapts swiftly and seamlessly.

Life Insurance is a unique asset that can accomplish a number of financial needs when applied correctly. We evaluate the individual and comprehensive needs of all our clients in order to design and deliver a tailored Life Insurance solution.

Our solutions are designed to:

  • Lower your out-of-pocket premium payments
  • Increase the death benefit and cash value performance of your insurance portfolio
  • Reduce the impact of insurance on your existing investments and cash flow

For families and estate planning our solutions provide the following:

  • Death Benefit protection
  • Estate liquidity and wealth transfer
  • Tax—efficient cash accumulation
  • Asset protection
  • Supplemental tax-free retirement income
  • Charitable giving

No matter what your need is, Starfort's white-glove approach to life insurance allows us to craft customized solutions unique to your situation to maximize your policy.

For the past several years, my wife and I had been dragging our feet, putting off the process of buying life insurance.  Had we known that buying term life insurance would be so effortless, and cost efficient, we would have pulled the trigger long before. Thanks to the team at StarFort Financial for their incredible customer service, and making our experience so turnkey.  Thanks again, and here's to hoping we never have to use it!

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    Risk Class Upgrade

    Without managing clients through underwriting, insurance carriers can underwrite individuals in lower and more expensive rate classes. These slight differences in underwriting status can end up costing the policy owner thousands of dollars over the life of their policy.

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