Our approach


Life insurance is our expertise. We asses every client and situation independently to provide best-in-class solutions at the best price. We manage the life insurance buying process from inception, to underwriting, to inforce servicing. We actively maintain all of our client’s policies and provide advice and service whenever it is advantageous to our client’s financial goals.

Our Focus


Optimal Solutions

Identifying the product(s) that best fit our client’s financial needs and goals. We utilize our 30+ carrier relationships, superior industry knowledge, and deal experience to find the optimal solution for our clients.


Medical Underwriting

We approach medical underwriting with unequaled discretion and finesse. Our proprietary relationship with the zero-knowledge digital security provider Keeper(TM) allows us to ensure that all of our client’s personal health information stays secure.


Inforce Services

We constantly manage and oversee our client’s inforce insurance portfolio. We ensure that no policy lapses and that the current life insurance strategy aligns with our client’s current goals.


With hundreds of insurance companies and thousands of products available in today’s market, it is critical to align yourself with the right advisor.

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$75,000 SAVED (2)
Risk Class Upgrade

Without managing clients through underwriting, insurance carriers can underwrite individuals in lower and more expensive rate classes. These slight differences in underwriting status can end up costing the policy owner thousands of dollars over the life of their policy.

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