Our approach


Through our proprietary lender relationships we help our clients finance policy premiums through custom loans that are tailored to each of our client’s individual needs and goals. Premium financing can provide a variety of benefits from reducing the immediate out-of-pocket cost of insurance to increasing the policy death benefit and IRR on cash value. Premium financing is a way to fund life insurance not a reason for buying it. This strategy is not for everyone, but with the right advisor it can be an exceptional tool to get the most out of your premium paying dollars.

Our Focus


Competitive Terms

Since loans are long-term financial instruments, it is important to ensure that each of our client’s loans remain competitive over their premium paying lifetime. We are constantly seeking the most competitive terms on the market to guarantee that our client’s receive the most cash efficient deal available.


Constant Monitoring

We constantly monitor interest rates, policy trends, and existing loan performance to anticipate any changes that could influence your policy and terms.



StarFort Financial also evaluates and restructures existing policies and portfolios. Our deal experience and unique lender relationships allow us to identify underperforming policies and provide a concise plan-of-action to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.


With hundreds of insurance companies and thousands of products available in today’s market, it is critical to align yourself with the right advisor.

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